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Meme Dakay

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Meme is a unicorn princess, the alchemist of Shemberg (she is a chemical engineer / chemist) and a "diamond maker" adding light in your life, helping you find your purpose!

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“Breaking the Corporate Mold – EGG”

Hola! I've been hiding this great news for a month and now I'm sharing you  my journey to my first TEDx talk! I was invited to speak for the Business students in ESADE Barcelona, Spain for there TEDxESADE "Trends of Tomorrow" . I am happy that I was able to inspire and encourage people in a ... READ the POST

Unicorn Princess Diaries Series 1

Dear unicorns, People who know me very well knows that I never worked out until I made it my personal goal to go to the gym. I only started last July 16,2017 that was on a sunday. I can still remember that day. My support group were my boss brother CEO, Pierre (enrolled me) (thank you!) ... READ the POST

Lost a 💎 in Shemberg Family

Dear unicorns, Today there were a lot of things that happened. I am writing the most recent one. We lost a diamond 💎 in Shemberg. His name is Alfonsito Abunda . He worked in Shemberg Biotech Corporation for 19 years. His will power to provide for his family was stronger than the ... READ the POST

Talent + Passion = 💎 Diamond

Dear unicorns, I hope you're enjoying and having a relaxing Sunday as much I do. Ive been trying to avoid long arguments today. Im flying to manila early 6:10am. My bff Mich Uy is picking me up. Im excited to see her! Today we got invited by my neighbor in Paknaan. He is an artist just like ... READ the POST